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City of the Singularity part 3: Hello, Bomb?

The COVID-19 pandemic has plunged us into scenes that feel like science fiction films. Downtown streets are eerily deserted, shop staff look at us through shiny face visors, we watch vehicles spraying disinfectant across cities on the other side of … Continue reading

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City of the Singularity, part 2: Missions Too Important to Jeopardise

A city run by a superintelligent system would be shaped by the mission the machine intelligence sets for itself. What mission would be best for its citizens? Continue reading

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The City of the Singularity Part 1: You See Us

What if machine intelligence was in complete control of the city and its citizens? Continue reading

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A spotlight on Shenzhen’s Urban Villages… and the future of cities

Shenzhen seems to be the ultra-modern super-scaled metropolis, but it also presents a very different urbanist model, one hidden in its urban villages. Continue reading

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California at London’s Design Museum

“Californian design has cruised a freeway to the future, but at some multi-level interchange, it may have left the road marked freedom” Continue reading

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Letter from Tokyo

The most advanced city on Earth isn’t just shaped by earthquakes and economics – animes and architects play out dreams there too. Herbert Wright seeks the big picture from above, and the future beyond the futuristic Two things not to … Continue reading

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