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The Amazing Earls Court Exhibition Centre and the company that wants to destroy it

Exit Earls Court station at the Warwick Road, and an unfeasibly large frontage opposite gently curves across your field of vision. Of course, this is the main entrance of Earls Court Exhibition Centre. It has welcomed somewhere between 1.5 and … Continue reading

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Eternity evades Egyptian Deities in Kensington

This gallery contains 11 photos.

Seth, God of Chaos and the Desert, bought a powerdrill. Neith, Goddess of The Hunt and later Protector of the Dead, sits boyishly on the Fire Exit. Their eight companions, all also Egyptian deities, stand around, in peace now that … Continue reading

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Heathrow’s Third Runway is almost Ready for Take-Off

Heathrow has a third runway almost ready and waiting… It’s been operational since 1915. It lies just 10 km north of Heathrow Central, almost immediately south of the High Speed Train route planned to Birmingham and the North, and it’s … Continue reading

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London’s Last Great Free Art Collective Show?

A great W of light bulbs was hung across a non-descript post-war office building, awaiting the fall of darkness. Earlier this month, it lit up for an extraordinary night. The usually-desolate car park below it filled with people, laughter and … Continue reading

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My new business card- London skyline with no Superman!

‘What a cheapskate’ people would not say. But I could read that unspoken thought when I presented my old business card. It wasn’t the only reaction- sometimes, after a moment of puzzlement, enlightenment would surface, and they may even say … Continue reading

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Breakfast with Ken

On Thursday (24 June 2010), I had breakfast with Ken Livingstone. Meeting one of your heroes can be a daunting experience, and even more so if you’re not a morning person, you haven’t had much sleep, and the temperature’s already … Continue reading

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